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We help financial service advisors, insurance producers, and their home offices handle cyber compliance, secure document storage, licensing and continuing education compliance. Through our suite of services, Spyder can fit your needs.

Spyder Cyber Now Available!

Your computers and staff are subjected to cyber attacks every day. News reports commonly report on vulnerabilities that affect us all, such as ransomeware attacks and data breaches caused by vulnerable systems and processes.

Everyone licensed to sell or advise on financial products must take care to meet cybersecurity requirements established and enforce by the state regulators. For example, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has established 23 NRCRR 500, which includes annual certifications and examinations, base level compliance, and sanctions for those that fail to meet the regulation guidelines. As the frequency of cyber attacks against business is increasing, other states are following with their own cyber security guidelines.

Bolster your defenses and become compliant with the regulations with Spyder Cyber today.

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Spyder Storage Now Available!

It’s your office – your filing cabinets. Store what you need to keep your business growing in a secure cloud-based cabinet. Our program gives you the ability to easily retrieve the information you need while knowing that it is safe and secure. Spyder Storage is affordable and easy to use. It's your storage, your way.

Spyder Storage is more than just a place to store your documents. It also provides document management features including multiple cloud support, intrusion detection and defense, HIPAA & 17a-4 compliance, and lost document recovery. Cyber & ransomware attacks are sophisticated and require aggressive defenses to prevent them. Spyder’s document storage solution can bolster your defenses and protect your valuable data.

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